WisMed Assure is the only Wisconsin-based insurance firm exclusively serving the health care community.

We are owned by the Wisconsin Medical Society and our revenue supports the fulfillment of the Society’s mission.

We are here for you. We are your Financial Partner for Life.

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How’s Your Financial Literacy?

How’s Your Financial Literacy?

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Financial Planning for Physicians

Turn your concerns about debt, investing and retirement into financial well-being.

Managed by Mark Ziety, CFP®, AIF®, WisMed Financial, Inc. provides financial advice physicians can trust to alleviate financial stress. You’ll get a custom plan to reduce your debt, implement a personalized investing strategy, reduce taxes and eliminate the time you spend stressed about personal finances.


Your team of advisors at WisMed Assure is working hard to protect our physicians and clinicians on the front lines by monitoring the ongoing developments for insurance coverage options.

Visit it our COVID-19 Insurance Update page for the latest news.


This series of videos will help you understand many aspects of the insurance you need.


The Financial Safety Checkup is a quick and easy way for medical students and physicians to assess how confident they are about their financial safety and identify areas that need attention. Or, if you are a Health Care Business Leader, it is a great tool for spot opportunities for improving the financial safety of your business.

Plus, if you want a little help in identifying the best, next steps to take towards greater financial safety, you can submit your results for a free, no obligation review with a WisMed Assure expert advisor.