Association Health Plan

Managed by physicians for physicians and healthcare businesses

Meeting the ever-changing needs of healthcare businesses, the Wisconsin Medical Society Association Health Plan protects your success while giving you the purchasing power of a large system.

Join more than 400 employees and more than 1,100 members who have enrolled as of January 2017 to realize these benefits:

  • Increased premium stability
  • Simplified benefit administration
  • Year-round group enrollment
  • Statewide provider options via the WPS Statewide Network
  • National Network Wraps to protect you nationwide.
  • Convenient online enrollment and underwriting tools

 You can exactly match your business’ needs by choosing up to six of ten available plan designs.

Getting started is easy. Any Society member can apply on behalf of their group. All we need is your current health insurance plan and participation census data.

For more information, email us at, call: 608.442.3810 or use this online contact form.