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Human Resources & Benefits

  • Wismed Assure Clients remember HR360 is available to you; a comprehensive employment law, human resource needs as well as a continuously updated COVID-19 resources.  If you need help accessing this resource, please contact your agent


Healthcare Resources



At WisMed Assure, we understand the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on many of our clients.  We are actively advocating relief options with multiple insurance carriers and often certain criteria must be met and exclusions may apply.  We would be happy to help you navigate any questions you have at this time.  If you need help sorting through this, email your agent today to see if you qualify for the credits.

If you are unsure of your agent contact information, please call 608-442-3810 or email:

Premium Credit for COVID-19 Impacted Physicians

Medical Malpractice Q&A Resources from leading carrier websites:

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