Group Health Savings Accounts

To supplement existing insurance coverage, WisMed Assure offers a number of high-quality Group Health Savings Account (HSA) options.

HSAs let you and your employees pay out-of-pocket medical costs tax-free. And with some plans, interest can be earned while the money is sitting there waiting to be used.

Here’s a quick overview of how HSAs work.

  1. You and/or your employee put money into an HSA account.
  2. The money sits in the account like it would in a bank account, except it was deposited tax-free and, with some plans, may earn more interest than in a bank account.
  3. When an employee needs to pay for a prescription, dental check-up, copay on current insurance or other uncovered medical expense, they use their HSA debit card or send in a receipt to be reimbursed from the account.

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