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As your financial partner for life, we believe it is our responsibility to gather, develop, share and apply wisdom to help you make the best possible decisions to ensure your financial success. Click on the links below to access these resources.

FYI: For Your Insurance

Featuring informative articles written by the experts at WisMed Assure, the FYI blog helps you navigate the financial and insurance landscape. Click here.

WisMed OnCall

Podcast: Financial Literacy Series: What I Wish I knew
From financial literacy tips to public health and physician wellness and emerging policy issues, the Wisconsin Medical Society’s podcasts feature timely topics of interest to physicians at every stage in their career. Click here.

Insurance Resources

Are you making a decision about your insurance policies? Are you the primary decision maker for your group’s policies? We have resources that can help provide all the preliminary information you might need before the final decision. Click here.

The Physician’s Decision Matrix

The Physicians’ Decision Matrix is a new, collective wisdom-sharing initiative managed by your Medical Society.

Our first step is to identify each important decision a physician makes during their career—from medical school through retirement.

Our next step is to ask Society members to share their experiences while making each of these decisions, including the outcomes and their insights on how to make the best decisions possible.

Our goal is to develop and share a dynamic matrix that includes the risks, rewards and variable conditions that need to be considered when making each decision.

At WisMed Assure, we are focusing on financial decisions. In the coming months, the Society as a whole will develop three additional decision categories: Leadership, Professionalism and Wellness and Resiliency.

You can help!
Use this form to submit a financial decision you are currently facing, along with any questions you may have about how to make the best possible decision. Or, use it to submit what you learned about an important decision you’ve already made.

  • Facing a financial decision? Use the Physicians Decision Matrix to learn what other physicians thought, felt and did when faced with the same decision.
  • Just made a financial decision? Contribute to the Physicians Decision Matrix to share with other physicians what you thought, felt and did to make your decision.