Fall 2020 Issue

More options available even while insurers brace for uncertainty

By Shawna Bertalot, CIC, ACI, President WisMed Assure

While insurance companies continue to assess what their products cover and the cost of coverage, governments are introducing new laws that can directly and indirectly impact risk and insurance. It is a constantly evolving situation which we are closely monitoring.

To better serve the medical profession, our team has sought out alternative carriers and products to ensure you have the greatest amount of choice possible. Some of the new options we provide are directly related to the changes care givers have had to make due to the coronavirus. (E.g.: Retired physicians returning to work have new options. Physicians who have increased their telemedicine activity have new options.)

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Look Out! Open Enrollment is Upon Us!

By Chris Noffke, GBDS – VP of Employee Benefits

November is coming and so too are your updated employee health plan costs… if the carriers are up to speed!

Regardless, it is time to start thinking about and planning for open enrollment. In addition to being prepared so that employees have the time, information, and support they need to select a plan that best fits their needs, here are some important changes you need to know.

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Financial Success Requires Offense and Defense

By Tom Strangstalien, Financial Protection Advisor

Offense, financially speaking, is focused on growth. Defense is focused on keeping what you have. Pretty simple concepts all-in-all. However, each has nuances that vary depending on your tolerance for risk, age, retirement goals, current and future lifestyle goals, and of course, income.

Income itself is one of your offensive tools. This includes the income you earn from working and passive income earned by investments. The other form of offense shows up in investment portfolio design and is generally about choosing assets or combinations of assets that have a high probability for growth… and generally, a greater degree of risk. And, of course, you can also play defense in your portfolio by choosing assets that are slower growing and less risky. The proportion of offense and defense in your portfolio is dependent on the variables mentioned above. This is where the advice of a professional investment advisor who understands your current situation, along with your goals and desires, is essential to your success.

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Income Driven Repayment Plans

By Rufus Sweeney

Looking forward to residency also means looking forward to repaying your student loans.

Sounds like fun… doesn’t it?

OK, perhaps not a lot of fun, but unavoidable. So, to reduce your stress and feel good about your financial progress, you need to make the best choice. And, making the best choice for how to repay your student loans takes a little thinking.

Before we look at the different types of repayment plans here are two important things to remember:

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