Play Defense and Offense to Win the Medical Liability Game

The Antidote: Play Defense and Offense to Win the Medical Liability Game
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Play Defense and Offense to Win the Medical Liability Game: A game plan for success in a hard insurance market

by Shawna Bertalot

Three of every four primary care physicians will be sued by a patient during the course of their career. The numbers are even worse for specialties.
Which is why physicians as a whole are not willing to take the chance they will be among the lucky few who never get sued. To guard against the financial impact of a law suit, they purchase Medical Professional Liability (MPL) insurance. But, as Wisconsin physicians begin to experience rising MPL premiums along with greater underwriting scrutiny, the question becomes, “How can I get the coverage I need and avoid paying too much?” Read More

This is the final instalment of a three-part series on changes in the Wisconsin MPL insurance market.

Shawna Bertalot is the president of the WisMed Assure agency. With her strong leadership skills and knowledge of the industry, our skilled team of agents are motivated and well prepared to find solutions for our clients. 
Did you know that the Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund maintains your personal malpractice coverage records?  Click here to view.
Whether or not your employer is handling your malpractice coverage, you should check your account regularly to make sure you are keeping up with this legal obligation.   Any unaddressed noncompliance issues will not only affect your coverage in event of a claim, but it may prevent you from renewing your Wisconsin medical license.
Fund staff is available to answer any questions you have.  You may contact the Fund at (608) 266-6830 or
Wisconsin Medical Society helps it’s members to be heard through advocacy, strong through education and leadership development and secure through products and services from WisMed Assure designed for Wisconsin’s physicians. Join or renew today!


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Here’s a recent posting offering advice about having a dedicated financial planner:

“Start 529 savings accounts for each child right away….Also be careful about life etc, insurance, you are ripe fruit for them to pick, talk to financial person who works with physicians who do not have direct gain. Worthwhile to have financial specialist who works for YOU!”

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IRS Releases 2019 Instructions for Form 8994: Employer Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave
Read more.

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Term Life Insurance

by Dave Serena

“How much can I get for how little?”
This is the usual question from a potential buyer of “Term” Life insurance.
But for our Residents, Fellows, and young Physicians who want to protect their life and their family, it’s an incomplete question.
The better question is, “How can I inexpensively protect my family from bad consequences while we buy time for our assets to grow to a point where we won’t need Life Insurance anymore?” 
Read More
Dave Serena has been an Insurance Advisor with Wisconsin Medical Society Insurance Services since 1995. Working exclusively with Physicians – he has more than 800 active clients – Mr. Serena provides guidance for income and asset protection. He is dedicated to working with Residents, Fellows, and practicing Physicians and their families. Mr. Serena is a member of the National Association of Life Underwriters and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. He is the recipient of the National Association of Life Unerwriters’ prestigious National Quality Award.

Physician Wellness Matters

New course battles financial stress and physician burnout
by Christopher Rufus Sweeny

The survey says… wait, that’s wrong. Start again: 42 percent of all surveyed physicians say that they are burned out. And that number is steadily rising.
My research shows that financial anxiety is one of the primary drivers of physician depression, burnout, and suicide. When asked why, physicians say it’s because of their job. But, when asked what would reduce burnout, their first answer is increased compensation to avoid financial stress.
But, think about this: getting a higher salary is often not something you can directly control. On the other hand, you do have direct control of how you manage your salary. You can control what you have.

Read More
The Wisconsin Medical Society and its partners are hoping to once again draw hundreds of physicians and medical students to the state Capitol Wednesday, January 29 for Doctor Day 2020.
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