Winter 2022 Issue

Why Residents Need Disability Protection

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By Tom Strangstalien, Insurance Advisor

As a resident or fellow, your biggest asset is quickly becoming your ability to earn an income. Until you become independently wealthy and can sustain a loss of earning power without consequence, it is imperative to have disability protection.

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Lower Health Insurance Costs with Strategy and Unique Offerings

Doctor and Patient in Hospital Office filling Health Insurance Contract. Near lying Medical Pills, Capsules, Stethoscope and other Medical Staff. Healthcare Concept

By Chris Noffke, GBDS, Vice President of Employee Benefits

In 1946 the Wisconsin Medical Society established WPS to help physicians and residents pay for the costs of health care. Seventy years later I had the chance to help create another opportunity for health care providers, the Wisconsin Medical Society Welfare Benefit Trust (WMSWBT) or the Association Health Plan (AHP). This year I was able to negotiate with our carrier partner, WPS, to lower our rates for all new groups. This has shown significant cost reductions for groups by decreasing their premium rates (up to 40% for some areas).

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Your 2022 Tax Strategy

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By Mark Ziety, CFP®, AIF®, Senior Advisor, WisMed Financial

Tax laws feel like stepping into quicksand lately, don’t they? Trying to understand if, when and how the tax laws will change can make you feel like the floor will fall out from under you at any moment. (Particularly at tax time.)

This is especially true if you’re a high earner or have accumulated a significant nest egg.

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WisMed Assure Changing of the Guard

By Shawna Bertalot, CIC, ACI, WisMed Assure President

If you’ve ever witnessed a changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery or in front of Big Ben, you know it’s a serious event and poignant image of respect and protection. We have had a changing of the guard at WisMed Assure this past year with four of our more than 25 year veteran agents retiring – that’s more than 100 collective years in the service of protecting physicians and health care organizations from economic and reputational harm. 

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Cyber Liability Trends Continue in 2022

Digital Binary Code on Dark Red Background. Data Breach

By Jim Davis, WisMed Assure Vice President Medical Professional

Uncle Sam is part of your family, even if you are single. From time to As companies shifted to more virtual work, cybercriminals took advantage of every slight vulnerability. So, let’s review some cyber security basics, specifically focusing on why health care professionals and organizations are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks, what their greatest vulnerabilities are and what risk mitigation you must have in place to even qualify for insurance these days.

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Hybrid Policies Shine in Addressing Long-term Care Concerns

image of extended family and long-term care team

By Tom Strangstalien, Insurance Advisor

It’s not a secret that the rapidly increasing cost of long-term care is driving dramatic increases in long-term care (LTC) insurance premiums. You may also be a victim or witness to a dramatic increase in long-term care insurance premiums on a policy purchased years ago.

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