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What is Inflation Guard?

In 2021, we’re seeing a unique economic environment. Supply chains have been affected by the pandemic and a few industries experienced weather-related setbacks. This, along with the new challenge of a labor shortage, is not allowing supply to keep up with demand, which leads to inflation.…
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Cyber Liability Trends Continue in 2022

As companies shifted to more virtual work, cybercriminals took advantage of every slight vulnerability. So, let’s review some cyber security basics, specifically focusing on why health care professionals and organizations are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks, what their greatest vulnerabilities are and what risk mitigation you must have in place to even qualify for insurance these days.…
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Your 2022 Tax Strategy

Tax laws feel like stepping into quicksand lately, don’t they? Trying to understand if, when and how the tax laws will change can make you feel like the floor will fall out from under you at any moment. (Particularly at tax time.) This is especially true if you’re a high earner or have accumulated a significant nest egg. …
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