Peace of mind this holiday season

By Martin Hurst, Insurance Service Representative

The agents here at WisMed Assure do not focus solely on revenue, our agents go that extra mile to address individual and specific concerns and provide coverage within each customer’s budgetary needs. By putting clients’ needs first, our agents demonstrate their commitment to providing excellent service and building trust with physicians. Their expertise and attention to detail enables them to guide physicians through the complex world of insurance, explaining terms, conditions and benefits clearly and transparently. Ultimately, our agents strive to empower physicians with the knowledge and coverage necessary to protect their health and peace of mind.

As I navigate my first year here at WisMed Assure, the agency has prioritized providing me with direct training with our agents. Tom Strangstalien is one of the agents I have had the opportunity to sit down with to discuss Life and Disability policies. Recently, Tom and I reviewed disability quotes for a physician. Tom carefully considered the physician’s lifestyle, occupational practice and potential risks to tailor the policy to their unique needs.

Additionally, he broke down the various policy options, highlighting the specific benefits and limitations of each. He focused on the importance of comprehensive coverage that would provide adequate support if the physician ever faced a disability, without worry of the financial burden. After reviewing the quotes for this physician, he noted that the physician was concerned the monthly premium was exceeding their budget. This was to be expected as their initial meeting was to create the “ideal policy” without worrying about the premium cost. With this concern in mind Tom navigated to the riders page with the cost for each listed next to the rider and asked what I would keep or remove from the policy to reduce the overall cost. We went back and forth on keeping or removing certain riders, we looked at 90- or 180-day elimination periods, possibly decreasing the time covered in relation to retirement age of 65 or 67, to see the impact this would have on premiums. At the end of our meeting, we were able to give this physician several options that had the potential of saving them $4,000 in monthly premiums. This is an example of what each agent does here daily and is the reason I am grateful to work alongside so many unique and caring individuals.

As you’ll see in this edition of the Antidote, the WisMed Assure and WisMed Financial team is focused on building and maintaining relationships with clients, and always keeping the best interest of the client at the center of all we do. These real client stories help illustrate the WisMed difference. Contact us at 608.442.3810 or

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