You bet your life

By Mary Krueger, Medicare Specialist

Most of us don’t spend our time concerned about our life insurance because it’s “set up” already through our employer, parents, bank or other sources. Have you really investigated how life insurance works? Is term insurance the best purchase or should you look at long term cost averaging?

Over the years, I have watched clients who are over 60 years old try to figure out what to do now that their term insurance is coming to an end and want to “just extend it.” When the option of paying dramatically increasing premiums doesn’t look very good for the budget, what to do is a significant concern.

So, what are the options other than term insurance at a young age? Consider a universal life or whole life policy. The costs are averaged over your lifetime instead of just a specified number of years. This idea takes the surprises out of trying to find coverage at an older age or at a time when your health has changed and you’re not eligible for coverage any longer. Ideally, doing a combination of both a term and universal/whole life makes sense if you’re looking to save more money in the long run.

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