Fall 2019 Issue

Keeping Wisconsin Safe: Why it’s the Best Place to Practice Medicine

There’s a reason Wisconsin is one of the safest places to practice medicine; it’s long been a haven for affordable medical professional liability (MPL) insurance. Which, among many other reasons, also makes it a great state to be a patient in. But now, as the rest of the country feels the impact of increased MPL premiums, it may only be a matter of time before Wisconsin physicians see similar increases.

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Shawna Bertalot is the president of the WisMed Assure agency. With her strong leadership skills and knowledge of the industry, our skilled team of agents are motivated and well prepared to find solutions for our clients. 

What are the Timing Rules for Employer and Employee HSA  Contributions? What Should be Done if HSA Contributions are Submitted Late? 

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It’s Time to Jump Start Your 2020 Employee Benefit Process

Open enrollment season is upon us! We created a list of important items you should consider to ensure your employee benefit program for 2020 is implemented without a hitch.

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