Summer 2019 Issue

History Repeats Itself: Medical Liability Insurance Premiums on the Rise

Physicians in Wisconsin will soon be paying more for medical professional liability (MPL) insurance thanks to a cyclical “hardening” of the market. Many younger physicians have never experienced a hard market because we have been in a “soft” market for an unprecedented length of time. The last time premiums increased was in 2001. And, prior to that, 1975 and 1986.

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Chris Noffke is well versed in the insurance industry and makes it his mission to find the best solutions for his clients. He helps groups all over Wisconsin with their group benefits. On September 25, he will be hosting an informative and educational webinar about 2020 renewals for group benefits. Register here.

Can an Employer Choose not to allow mid-year changes to employees’ HSA contributions elections?

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